One-to-one FAQ


What do I need to do as a parent/guardian?

Please read and sign the One-to-one Agreement and make sure it is returned to your child’s school as soon as possible. Additionally, you should ensure that your student comes to school every day with their Chromebook fully charged and ready to use. Chromebooks should last the entire school day when fully charged. Schools will have a few Chromebook chargers to loan for use during the school day, but finding available outlets will be a challenge in some classrooms. While Chromebooks are the majority, most of this information applies to our Kindergarten iPads as well.

Is a school-issued Chromebook required?

Yes. See FAQ article Can I bring my own device? (Page 1) for more details.

Can I bring my own device?

No. It becomes very difficult for classroom teachers to plan lessons and manage workflow when every few students are working from a different device or have different tools available to them. Using school-issued devices allows us to ensure that our systems are optimized to meet the needs of the classroom and remote or hybrid teaching and learning. The school may waive this requirement under certain circumstances and on a case by case basis.

Can my child opt-out of having a Chromebook?

No. Chromebooks are expected to become an integral part of the education all students receive within WNESU and we want them to take advantage of the powerful learning resources available with it.

What happens if my child moves or goes to another school?

Please return all equipment to the school receptionist. You have two school days to notify the school that you have moved and return the equipment. After five school days, you may be billed for the full cost of all equipment loaned to your child. Our current cost is approximately $250.00. Each school’s administration has the right and ability to waive this fee on a case-by-case basis.

Can students use a personal account on a school-managed Chromebook?

No, at this time our school-managed Chromebooks may only be used by school-issued Google accounts.

Can parents or siblings use another child’s Chromebook?

Chromebooks are intended to be used by the child for which they are assigned, for educational or school-related purposes. Parents may use the Chromebooks to help check their child's assignments, review browsing history, and assist with classwork.

Are cases being issued in addition to the Chromebook?

Yes, and the Chromebook should remain in the case at all times. WNESU has purchased “always-on” cases designed to be left on while the Chromebook is in use.

Access & Use

Will students be able to download apps or other programs?

No, our school-managed Chromebooks are locked down to prevent students from installing apps that were not vetted or approved for use by WNESU or school administration.

How can students submit work or assignments via their devices?

Students will join the Google Classrooms of their respective teachers. This app for education was specifically designed for teachers to be able to share assignments with their students, and for each student to get their copy. Teachers can also post announcements, check for understanding by asking questions, and attach valuable resources.

Also, Google Drive has features built into it that allow work to be shared between teachers and even classmates. Students can create documents, spreadsheets, drawings, photos, presentations, and even videos.

For students who are taking our VTVLC 100% Remote Learning opportunity, the process will be similar but done through a Learning Management System called Canvas.

Will the Chromebooks be filtered by the District off-campus?

Yes. All school-managed Chromebooks will have an app installed called GoGuardian which cannot be uninstalled or disabled. This extension allows us to provide additional content filtering while at school, and basic content filtering while at home. Learn more about GoGuardian here:

What if students do not have access to the Internet at home?

Several locations offer free internet access, such as public libraries. Even without internet access, Chromebooks still can use the traditional Google tools offline, or download work ahead of time to allow the student to work offline. Additionally, households that lack internet access can work with their schools and/or our restorative justice department to help explore options. In certain circumstances, these school resources can help facilitate access through local internet providers. If you need help, please reach out to your child’s school.

How does my student log into the Chromebook? How do I get their login info?

Chromebooks prompt students to log in when they are first turned on or opened. Your student should have a school-issued Google account that they will use to log into the Chromebook. Their teachers will be able to help get them their login information if they don’t know it. Alternatively, see FAQ item: What are my options for tech help? (Page 4)

What if I forgot to charge my Chromebook?

This will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the school, class, and situation. See What do I need to do as a parent/guardian? (Page 1)

Repairs & Fees

My Chromebook is broken, how do I get it fixed?

There are multiple options available to report a broken Chromebook and start the repair process, but before all please ensure that your child has contacted their teacher to let them know. For tech help and reporting a broken Chromebook, see FAQ item What are my options for tech help? (Page 4)

What happens if the Chromebook breaks?

We will temporarily swap out the Chromebook, assess the damage, make repairs, and return the Chromebook to the student.

Is there any cost to parents? Will I have to pay the fee each year?

Yes and No. We do not charge a yearly insurance or technology fee. However, in our Chromebook 1:1 agreement, we state that the first repair of a Chromebook would be free, and any subsequent repairs may be assessed a flat fee of $50.00.

Additionally, we can provide replacement chargers for $30.00 per charger.

What if another student damages my student’s device?

This will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the school administration.

Will I be able to purchase my Chromebook when I graduate?

Yes. The price of our Chromebooks fluctuates depending on the age of the Chromebook. We typically send out a cost sheet and procedures to all seniors closer to Graduation.

If I have to pay a fee, who do I pay?

  • Cash or Check can be paid directly to your child’s school secretary or receptionist

  • Checks should be made out to the school that your child attends. A returned check fee of $25.00 may apply

We are exploring the possibility of accepting payments via Debit or Credit cards through our online payment system, MySchoolBucks. We will provide more detailed information if this option becomes available.

Fees may be waived by the school administration depending on the circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.

Forgotten Items & Getting Tech Help

Password - Forgot your Password?

Reach out to your teacher or email the helpdesk at While teachers aren’t able to reset passwords themselves, they can work with the tech team to get your student’s password reset.

What if my student forgot their Chromebook at home?

This will vary depending on the school. Most schools will have a few loaner Chromebooks available at the school’s library for students to sign out for the day. Keep in mind, once all of the spare Chromebooks have been loaned out, your student may be without a Chromebook for the day.

In those instances, you may also be called and asked if you can bring in your student’s Chromebook similar to other forgotten items like backpacks, sports equipment, etc.

What are my options for tech help?

  • School staff can help facilitate tech help.

  • You can visit to get information, report issues, and get general tech help.

  • You can email to report issues and get general tech help.